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Ignacio & Rosario Manuel

January 03, 2010 
My Dearest Pops,
You are one man I will never forget as long as I live. Till this day I cannot find the words to express my feelings to you. But you are my biggest inspiration. You are such a workacholic that most of us had inherited from you. Working is all I know, I owe you so much for all you have done for me. One day you told me when I was visiting at home because of the problems I had with my first marriage and was being abused you told me to "fight back and be strong" and that was exactly what I did. I will never forget your words of comfort at time of need. Though I never got to tell you "Thank You" for the Pops you have been to me. But one day I will meet up with you again and I will tell you then. You were a strict/hard man growing up but it all paid off in the end, I now know what you were talking about all those times. I love you my father. Now go and start your cockfights up in heaven and I'm placing my bets on your roosters. (Which I still hear in my head even after I left Guam).

Until we meet again,
Your oldest daughter,
Nenita (Ned) 

Netta & Mom

Netta, Pops, Mom, Edi and Anne


January 8 2010

They would say its almost been a month since you been gone, but I know you're still here with us. Just like the 23yrs you would say I've been gone, but I have always been there with you. I honestly can't say I remember alot about you, but I can say I do know you. From what I do remember about you and what I have read about you I now know where I got the certain qualities and traits I possess. Grandpa, I would like to tell you that I love you. I wrote this poem for you, but I know I couldn't have wrote it without you. I wanted to do something special and that would be the reason for the delay. In your words, this is what I came up with...

I'm waiting, I'm waiting, your whisper so clearly... Where are you, where are you, can you even hear me... I'm waiting you say, but you left without a goodbye... My heart sank when I heard the news... Brought tears to my eyes... Then the calm of PEACEFULNESS sets over... And I hear your whisper... I'm here, I'm here, I'm ok... Where are you, where are you, again I say... You quietly whisper... "Close yor eyes, and you will see... Look up into the sky, and I may be... But as close as a feeling that you can not touch... A feeling felt that is never too much... Never keeping my love apart... I never left... For you hear my whispers from within your heart..."

Thank you Grandpa... I love you... Bear 

Pops, 16 December 2009      A Letter to my departed Father, Ignacio B. Manuel, I just wanna say...” 

I know that you're resting in peace or showing your roosters to them, but I have something to say.  I just wanna say “Happy Birthday” and enjoy your new friends & extended family, make sure you show them how to hold those 
roosters, I have them all over my home, I always have since I can remember some of them still in boxes haven't unpacked them yet. 

I truly know you have been blessed cause now you're watching over your flock (family).  Please continue to keep a halo on all of us especially Mom, you know what I mean.  Thank you Father for all you have done and continue to do.  I will always love you, you & Gilbert will always live and rest in my heart.  You have made December an extra extra special month 
for me. RIP and I am here if needed. Love you Pops. 

One of Your Loving Daughters, Fe'